About Us

Since 1908, Service is Our Purpose.

DonorsFor more than a century, we’ve proudly served our state and the people who call it home. We trace our roots back to Oklahoma’s early statehood, and have served as general counsel to the Chapman/McFarlin interests from 1912 to today. Since the beginning, we’ve continued to guide clients through all walks of life with integrity, quality and personalized, forward-thinking legal service.

We understand that every client is a unique person, with specific needs, preferences and challenges. People come to us for guidance, and we are honored by that trust.

As a small firm, clients appreciate our exceptional level of detail and the personalization that goes into every plan, regardless of the wealth involved.

Service to our community is central to our company. We manage the Chapman Charitable Trusts, and our attorneys also serve on the boards of numerous non-profits. As a Tulsa mainstay, it is our distinct honor to help numerous entities achieve their specific goals. And we are just as committed to helping you achieve yours.

To learn more about how Rogers and Bell can serve you, please visit our Areas of Practice or contact us at info@rogersandbell.com.


























About Us
    • Several Areas, One Standard: Excellence

      Superior legal service - you deserve it, we deliver it.  Proudly, we provide legal excellence in several practice areas.