a professional legal practice established in 1908

A history and tradition of excellence.

1908... Harry H. Rogers establishes practice in Holdenville, Oklahoma; hired as counsel for Holdenville Oil & Gas by Robert McFarlin and J. A. Chapman.
1912... Rogers, McFarlin and Chapman move to Tulsa; McFarlin and Chapman form the McMan Oil Company.
1913... Albert Rogers hired as accountant for McMan Oil Company.
1914... John Rogers graduates from OU College of Law, joins brother Harry’s law practice and named secretary of McMan Oil Company.
1916... McFarlin and Chapman, with partners P. A. Chapman and Earl Harwell sell McMan Oil Company to Magnolia Petroleum.
1918... McFarlin and Chapman form McMan Oil & Gas Company.
1920... Harry Rogers’ law practice becomes known as John Rogers and Associates. Harry Rogers retires.
1930... McMan Oil & Gas Company sold to Standard Oil of Indiana to become one of the Standoline Companies.
1938... Robert McFarlin dies.
1949... First Chapman Trust created.
1954... William H. Bell joins John Rogers and Associates.
1964... John Rogers becomes individual trustee of the Chapman Trusts, succeeding his brother Albert Rogers.
1966... J. A. Chapman dies will create J. A. Chapman and Leta M. Chapman Charitable Trust. Practice renamed Rogers and Bell.
1974... Leta Chapman dies; creates the Leta M. Chapman Memorial Trust.
1977... John Rogers dies; William H. Bell becomes individual trustee of the Chapman Trusts.
1980... Pauline Walter dies; creates Pauline McFarlin Walter Memorial Trust.
1982... Dr. Andrew G. Cowles dies; creates Ruth Chapman Cowles and Andrew G. Cowles Memorial Trust.
1985... Sharon J. Bell joins Rogers and Bell.
1987... Gregory Allen Gray joins firm.
1988... Sharon J. Bell named individual trustee of the Chapman Trusts; William H. Bell dies.
1991... Robert S. Farris joins firm.
2004... Clint T. Swanson joins firm.
Harry H. Rogers 1877-1957
John Rogers 1890-1977
William H. Bell 1926-1988
Robert McFarlin 1866-1942
James A. Chapman 1880-1966
Leta M. Chapman 1889 -1974
Pauline Walter 1897-1980
Andrew W. Cowles 1888-1979
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